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As if you needed a reason
November 17, 2009, 9:49 am
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One more reason not to listen to a damn thing Bill Maher says:

“Now, sometimes it’s OK to fuck with nature — I believe “intelligent design” is often anything but intelligent; that “God’s perfect universe” is actually full of fuck ups and design flaws, like cleft lips and Down Syndrome — so correcting nature is sometimes the right thing to do.”

That’s fantastic, Bill. I’ll make sure to let my kid and my friends kids know they are “fuck ups and design flaws”. Please, do skip the flu vaccine. There will be more for the rest of us, and the way I wish to finish this sentence is something I’m going to take a deep breath and skip actually saying. I will say that I wonder what people like him want kids to do with the non-creationist science education he believes kids should have.

He’s an idiot, and I don’t want him speaking for me any more than the conservatives I know want Glenn Beck speaking for them.


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I have a 25 year old daughter with AMC. She was also unlucky enough to have cerebral palsy which actually affected her function more than Arthrogryposis ever did.

I used to enjoy Bill Mahr’s comedy until he became so judgmental regarding religion. I get it! He doesn’t believe in God and certainly doesn’t believe in religion. That’s fine with me. I rely on my relationship with God, but am not a big fan of organized religion either. For him to use other people’s disabilities and “deformities” to further his brand of humor is tacky and not creative at all.

I appreciate your blog.

Comment by Susan Wilkinson

I don’t believe in intelligent design. There’s pretty good scientific evidence to show that we evolved by chance. But we’re not mistakes of nature. In fact, there’s good evidence to suggest that diversity confers an evolutionary advantage – that’s why most species have sexual reproduction, even though just cloning yourself is more energy-efficient. If everyone’s the same, they can all get wiped out by the same calamity. Diversity helps to ensure that someone will survive.

Comment by Ettina

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