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October 15, 2009, 12:19 pm
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Peanut has the flu. The scary one. But she’s doing all right, outside of the vomiting. Who decided that vomiting should go along with fever, body aches, stuffy nose, and sore throat? Because I have words for whoever came up with that idea. And they aren’t nice ones.

Last week we took Peanut to Delaware again, to have them look at her back because her PT was concerned she was developing scoliosis. She had also outgrown her braces. The results of this visit are for another post, but I bring this up because I want to say something nice about a major airline. I know! Hard to believe but it’s true.

Midwest Airlines helped us fly there and back, for free. They have a program, like many airlines do, called Miracle Miles, for children who need to travel for medical care. We have a slightly different version than the posted one, but it means that we can afford to take her to receive the best care there is for her condition. The doctors here are excellent, and I have nothing bad to say about them, but they do not see as many children with AMC as Dr. Jayakumar and his team do. This means they are not quite as familiar with the newest findings, and they simply can’t look at her and say, “We saw another girl with similar legs last week, and this is what we know about how she’ll probably grow”. That is invaluable when you have a kid who has atypical AMC.

Anyway, back to Midwest. It’s true that their planes don’t all have the extra-wide seats anymore (it was like flying in first class, but for coach prices) and they’re charging for checked luggage, but they still seem to have the same attitude towards customer service they always did, which is as pleasant as you could possibly ask for. They are also VERY breastfeeding-friendly. The first time I flew with Peanut, she was five weeks old, and I was flying to DC to visit my aunt. My uncle had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the visit had been planned in the hope he could see her before he died, which unfortunately was not to be. So the first thing that was great was that they had a very comfortable family room (not just a family bathroom) in the Milwaukee terminal, perfect for breastfeeding. No one blinked an eye when I nursed her on the plane. While waiting for our return flight at Dulles, I asked the gate agent if there was a family room around to nurse in, as I didn’t see one. She told me that unfortunately there wasn’t. As I looked around at all the businessmen on their cell phones filling the gate area, she saw me look, smiled, and said, “Go ahead and do it here if you want. They can all deal with it.” How awesome is that? (I did nurse there, and I don’t think anyone even noticed, which was a great way to nurse in public for the first time.)

Without Midwest’s program, there is no way we could afford all the trips to Dupont/Nemours we have taken and are about to take. And their fine service makes what is an otherwise fairly stressful experience much more bearable. If you are looking to fly somewhere they do, please keep them in mind. Also, they give you free chocolate-chip cookies fresh from the oven on most flights. And if your kid is cute, apparently they give them all the extras.

I get nothing from this endorsement. I already qualify for their program, and I don’t get anything special because of this post. I just think it’s good to hear about good business experiences as well as bad.


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