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December 14, 2008, 11:28 am
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Since this blog was supposed to be, in part, a record of my children’s development, I suppose I should update that.

Squirt is tiny, only the 10th percentile in height and 20th in weight (still bigger than Peanut was at the same age, by far). She is both signing and talking. Her words, as follows:

mama and daddy

Kee-cat (kitty-cat, which is said for any fuzzy animal, especially squirrels)

dank-oo (thank you)

dat (that, she points and says dat when she wants you to name something)

amma (grandma)

ammy (grammy)


ah-el (bottle)


moooo (what does a cow say?)

baaaaa (what does a sheep say?)

She signs eat, more, milk

She hums  “you’re welcome”. She says a version of Peanut’s name and that of Peanut’s best friend.

She tries to brush her hair. She is learning to feed herself with a spoon. She can stack blocks 5 high, and put a series of stacking blocks inside each other. She can put the circle and the star shape in her shape sorter consistently the first time, and can usually do the square. She loves anything with buttons, and you cannot fool her with an old cell phone or remote with no batteries, or even a toy remote. She pets the cats gently, but I can’t get her to stop grabbing and squeezing the end of their tails (even getting swatted by one of them hasn’t discouraged her). She is much more of Daddy’s Girl lately, especially right after he gets home from a trip, and doesn’t want to let him out of her sight. She adores her big sister, who makes funny faces and noises at her while she squeals with laughter. She likes to wake Peanut up in the morning with squeals too. She will eat just about anything, but not every meal, her favorite stuff being savory foods. She sleeps 10-11 hours overnight, waking only when she is uncomfortable (like from teething) or cold, and then she usually goes right back to sleep. She is an enormously good-natured and happy girl, likes being around people and trying new things,  but she knows what she likes and doesn’t like and doesn’t hesitate to let you know.

Also, while I was away with Peanut, she started to walk 🙂


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Oh, she sounds like a lovely little girl. Congratulations on your walking, talking cutie-pie!

Comment by elizasmom

I just love that my chubby little girl is only in the 20th percentile for weight. Her and Peanut are just adorable but then again we already knew that.

Comment by DANA

Whoa, wasn’t she just born? Now she’s walking and talking??? Oh and cute as the dickens? Sheesh, where have I been?

Comment by Meredith

Your little “Squirt” is adorable!

Comment by NaeNae

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