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Win some, not others
November 17, 2008, 9:15 pm
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So I don’t know when we find out how we did in the Best Baby Boutique contest, but I can tell you who won something from me for voting. I numbered each post that voted, and Peanut chose a number, et voila! The ever elusive Mete won! Mete has a choice between a mama gift and a baby/kid gift, so email me. When she chooses, I’ll let you know what I’m sending. Hee! That was fun! I’d do it again except that I can’t really afford it…

Grandpa’s memorial is Friday. I think that we’ve decided that Peanut can come, since it isn’t a full-on service with a casket or anything.  More a gathering of family members to talk about the same old stories and how sad it is we don’t get together except at funerals anymore, you know how it is.  Still, this is a branch of the family that I really didn’t get to know until I was an adult, and they happen to be the nice branch of my father’s family (as opposed to the, well, I probably shouldn’t go there).

I miss my grandfather. But I’ve really missed him for a while, because he’d been in a decline for quite some time. So in a way, I’ve already grieved him. On the other hand, I can still feel his skin under my fingers as I stroked his hand that night, and the shape of his fingers against the sheets.

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It has now been almost 11 yrs since my grandfather passed away, but every time fall comes, and it gets cool outside, I still pull out the same old blue zip-up sweatshirt he used to wear, and I put it on. During the fall/winter, I wear it constantly. I still haven’t figured out how it isn’t worn-out and torn up. He had it for years, and now I have had it for 11 years. It was one of the last things I saw him wear, which is why I asked my grandmother for it.

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