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I admire her taste
November 6, 2008, 10:07 pm
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My daughter has her first celebrity crush. The crushee?

Rachel Maddow.

Yes, really.

A week or so ago, when my mother had the show on TV, Peanut asked to keep watching it. My mother told her that if she did, she wouldn’t get a bedtime story, because it would be too late. She said okay, and sat and watched.

On Election Day, before I went to work, I turned MSNBC on. Peanut came into the room and asked, “Where’s Rachel?” She was upset when I told her that I didn’t think she’d be on until later that evening.

I had her on last night, and again Peanut insisted on staying up to watch her, as she did tonight at my mother’s. I asked her yesterday what made her want to watch the show, or what she liked about Rachel, and she answered, “I like the way she looks. And the way she talks. I just like her.”

It is certainly preferable to a Jonas Brother.


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Is there a Peanut Fan Club I can join? Your kid seriously kills me with the quirky cuteness.

Comment by elizasmom

Yes, there is, but the test required in join means you’ll have to be able to name every single one of the Disney princes and say which princess he marries, as well as know the appropriate color for each princess’s ballgown 🙂

Comment by bad mama

Hmmm. The only one I know is Eric, who marries Ariel. Clearly, I’m going to have to study up…

Comment by elizasmom

Okay, she DOES have good taste! I’m on a queer moms list, and the list is very pro-Maddow. 🙂

Comment by Pronoia

That’s awesome! I have a bit of a crush on her myself… I agree, good taste!

Comment by Carrie Jo

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