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Election tomorrow, in case you’ve been living under a rock
November 3, 2008, 11:08 pm
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I have at least three blog posts that I wanted to write before Election Day, but it’s too late now because I’m too damn tired. I will be working tomorrow as an election official, which I’ve never done before, though my mother and brother have. This is good, because otherwise I’d be at home obsessing over MSNBC. Anyway, I may have figured out how to get some photos up here, so let’s keep our fingers crossed it’ll work tomorrow.

I wanted to tell you what my mom told me about the primaries, and why she is looking forward to tomorrow. My mother is fluent in Spanish (it helps to be a Spanish teacher) and so she is put in to polling places that are usually low-income, high minority locations. Anyway, she said at the primaries, there were multiple African-American women bringing in their children, just old enough to vote, to register. The prevailing theme was, “Child, you have a chance to vote for a black man to be President, you’d damn well better do it!” We can just hope they bring those kids back again tomorrow.

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