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Probably only funny if you know Madison, and maybe not even then
October 9, 2008, 6:33 pm
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So, I saw a McCain/Palin sticker on a Subaru Forester while driving yesterday.

I didn’t think that was physically possible. I just assumed that instead of new-car scent, they came with Republican repellent, or some kind of magic liberal-bumper-sticker-only paint. Seriously, it was really weird.


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okay, that is totally weird.

i drive a prius, and i have yet to see a mccain sticker on a prius. but then i live in the twin cities, where if that subaru came here we’d be about as likely to run it off the road (in a polite fashion, of course) as you are there.

Comment by betsyl

A Prius-driving friend has been on the lookout, and she did, once, see a McCain sticker on another Prius. So, there’s one in greater Los Angeles, anyway!

Comment by pennylrichardsca

Um- I may have forgotten to mention that I saw a volvo wagon with a republican sticker on it- to me that’s even weirder- so it isn’t just Madison- I’m fairly certain this person had to have bought the car just for the joy of putting a republican sticker on it… it worked- it made me look twice at the car and almost run off the road myself

Comment by Nicole

I once saw a Duke sticker on Park Street.

Comment by Carlos

Was it missing its windshield?

For everyone else: Park St. is the Harlem of Madison.

Comment by bad mama

It hadn’t yet. I was tempted to heave something myself.

Comment by Carlos

I saw the old volvo wagon again today- it wasn’t a republican sticker- it was a “Equal rights for unborn women sticker”.

Comment by Nicnle

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