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September 29, 2008, 10:23 pm
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One of the things I have found most frustrating about talking with people about my daughter’s congenital condition is that so many people just can’t understand it very well. They don’t know about anatomy, they don’t know about genetics, and they don’t understand about the causes of birth defects. I don’t blame them, necessarily. I happen to love medicine and wanted to be a doctor my whole life (why I am not is a long story), but not everyone reads books on disease processes in their spare time. And science education being what it is in this country, most students get told about the scientific method early on but don’t get an explanation as to why it is actually important to understand how science works even if they aren’t planning on working in science.  It gets frustrating to explain why I am quite sure that the one dose of cold medicine I took when I had the flu at six months along was not the cause of Peanut’s AMC (not just because she already had it by then).

Anyway, if you are one of those people who really found science and statistics incredibly boring and immaterial to your world way back when, you might find this article in the New York Times, A Primer on Medical Studies, at least useful. We all have to become informed consumers of medical and health information now, not just those of us that regularly read medical journal articles and debate with orthopedic surgeons about outcomes of various approaches to pelvic reshaping.

Also, L’Shanah Tova!


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god bless your family , I understand completely what you said.
xo, Lil Scraps

Comment by lillithq

Shana Tova. And thanks for the link! I actually DID find it useful 🙂

Comment by Dayli

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