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Wait, what?
September 16, 2008, 8:19 am
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I had to re-read this a couple of times, and check the original, to make sure I saw what I thought I saw:

Karl Rove lambasted the Obama campaign on Fox News Sunday for its recent ad criticizing Sen. John McCain for his supposed inability to use a computer.

Asked by Chris Wallace to comment on negative campaigning by Sen. Obama, Rove said that McCain’s injuries suffered in a Vietnamese prison camp were responsible for his computer illiteracy.

“But they then say he doesn’t …send e-mail. Well, this is because his war injuries keep him from being able to use a keyboard. He can’t type. You know, it’s like saying he can’t do jumping jacks,” Rove said. “There’s a reason he can’t raise his arms above his head. There’s a reason he doesn’t have the nimbleness in his fingers.”

Seriously? Anyone still thinking that a McCain administration would be good for people with disabilities? The man doesn’t know there are assistive devices. The fact that he doesn’t is something that I find disturbing. How, exactly, will he be an advocate for the disabled if he doesn’t even know what they need? Furthermore, if he is portrayed as not being able to use a computer at his level of disability, it just reinforces the notion that to be disabled is to be incapable.

The other possibility, considering this is Karl Rove here, is that this reasoning is a lie . That McCain does know about them, and chooses not to use them.

I think it is interesting that so much has been made of Sarah Palin parenting her son, meaning she will somehow be an advocate for the disabled, yet McCain himself is disabled. I saw the speech Gov. Patterson of New York gave at the Dem. convention about being disabled (he’s blind) and how lacking in employment and other opportunities people with disabilities are in this country. And I notice how neither one of them wants to use assistive devices (Patterson won’t use a white cane, McCain apparently won’t use computer assitive devices), certainly not publicly. And it just demonstrates how we all still have a long way to go in understanding that to use such devices does not make a person “weak.”


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Wow. Yeah, another lie. I’m trying to picture the desk setup that would have your keyboard over your shoulders….

Comment by pennylrichardsca

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