Bad Mama

June 12, 2008, 9:15 pm
Filed under: Depression, Family

I am in our bed with both girls and Big Daddy, listening to the snoring coming from each of them and faint rumblings of thunder outside, and I think how blessed and lucky I am for my home and my family. The worst part of depression, for me, is that while I know rationally that things aren’t that bad, I just can’t feel that way. I know I’m feeling better because now I can feel that contentment again, that joy.

And then I think, man, do I need some earplugs.


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Wow! Where have I been?! I’m sorry to hear about the depression…I went through Post-Partum after the birth of my first daughter. It took me a year to get back on track. Mainly, because I didn’t want to admit it was happening to me.

Comment by NaeNae

Earplugs might not be enough…..maybe one of those sound-canceling set of headphones? Might be a Christmas gift for you next year.

Comment by Jen

hee hee.

my little dog snores just a wee bit. i miss it when i am travelling. mostly when i travel, i go to sf conventions, and if i can, i share a room with a particular friend of mine who sounds *exactly* like my dog when she snores. how a grown woman can sound like a ten pound chihuahua i have no idea, but really, i find it very soothing.

Comment by betsyl

I hear you! The bit about it “not being that bad…” I feel that way a lot when I’m in the worst of my depressions. The “why do I feel so bad, my life is really good and relatively easy, so what’s my problem” feelings are prevalent in my world.

Comment by goodmum

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