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January 4, 2008, 7:51 pm
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Peanut’s diagnosis: Clostridium Difficile Colitis

Wow, does that suck. She’s doing better now, and will start new antibiotics to treat it tomorrow. She spent several hours in the ER, and got an IV with morphine to help her out. She’s hilarious on morphine, btw.

In order to facilitate the IV placement, a bribe was required. And after seeing my baby in as much or more pain as she’s ever had after any surgery, and telling her she would have to get a needle into her tiny little hand with its funky AMC anatomy, I caved and sent Grammy to the store. This made things much more tolerable. She named the red panda that comes with it after the ER doctor, Mike.

Part of her morphine hilarity was her insistence that her father preside over a wedding of her and Barbie. Because she loved her so much she had to marry her. She had a squeaky, hoarse voice from a day’s worth of crying, and she was so serious in reciting the vows. Big Daddy whispered to me that he was very sorry he would not get to be there the first time she ever gets high.


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C diff, oh YUCK. Hope she gets through it quickly, and hope she appreciates the morphine-Barbie-wedding story when she’s older.

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