Bad Mama

December 31, 2007, 10:06 am
Filed under: Home Sweet Home, Parenting, Peanut, Squirt

I am having a love affair with azithromycin.

I am doing much better.

Squirt no longer has a runny nose. However, she has hit a Squirt Spurt™, meaning the other night she nursed all night long. Literally. She was on the breast the entire night. If I tried to pull away, she woke up and cried, and being sucking like a maniac as soon as I put her back on. She spent the last two days nursing almost constantly as well. Then, last night, worn out by all the work, she only woke up once. I, on the other hand, woke up repeatedly out of habit, and then for good after all my ducts were blocked from disuse. Yay. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she needs to sleep all day.

Also, Peanut is miserable. She is also on antibiotics, which didn’t bother her until last night, when she got very bad diarrhea that is persisting. Near constant diarrhea that is apparently very painful. She cried upon waking this morning for a good half-hour and went through three diapers, despite sitting on the toilet most of that time. She doesn’t want anything to eat or drink, and is huddled under the blanket on the couch watching Noggin. Thank God for Noggin. I would sell my blood in order to keep cable on just for Noggin.

Poor Big Daddy is working from home today, which means he has to listen to the dual crying jags while trying to get work done. He can work upstairs, but it isn’t like the place is soundproof. Grandmothers would help, but the elder daughter wants no one but Mama and, well, so does the younger one.

I also found more leaks in the plumbing, this time where the spout and handle attach to the copper pipes. Of course, because of poor measurements on the part of the previous owners, I will have to cut out some bracing in order to reach various plumbing parts.

And the dog is limping.

Happy New Year!


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