Bad Mama

December 26, 2007, 8:01 am
Filed under: Family

I have no pictures and you don’t want my holiday wishes because I am cursed.

Yesterday, we discovered our bathtub was leaking badly whenever we took a shower. Then the garbage disposal clogged. The other side of the kitchen sink was already unusable from when a pipe seal failed a couple of days earlier. Then, the bathroom sink faucet started to leak a steady thin stream of water.

I would say that means I would be spending the next few days on plumbing, but my cold has gotten worse. Last night, after visiting my grandfather on his 94th birthday with my 96 year-old great-aunt, my voice started to leave me and I currently can only manage to croak. My cough got dramatically worse overnight, and I couldn’t stop coughing for 20 minutes at one point.

Peanut still has a terrible cold after nearly two weeks, and now Squirt has a runny nose too. She’s always had a bit of congestion (it’s a symptom of the reflux), but now it’s worse. Big Daddy’s cold is hanging on, but it isn’t as bad as the rest of ours. He eats his vegetables, you see. He is back to work today, but at least his travel is local for the next few days, and he’ll be home at night. Lucky for me, not so lucky I guess for him. I wouldn’t blame him for longing to be sent away for weeks right now.

We did have a wonderful time with family and friends on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I cooked yesterday, but only a crockpot stew. The exhaustion came from cleaning the house before my great-aunt arrived. She may be blind now, but she has a supernatural ability to know that dirt and clutter are there and you are a bad, bad person for it.

I hope the rest of you have had a lovely holiday weekend off. We’re all off to infect the doctor today, if we can get in. Then, figuring out if I can avoid the ninety-dollar trip charge from the plumber.

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Egads woman! I hope you all are feeling better today! If I could fix pipes I’d be over in a jiffy. Glad you enjoyed your beautiful family and friends on X-mas day itself.

Comment by Jennie

Suffering from the same pestilence here. Just wanted to wish you, Big Daddy, and the darlins a happy holiday.

Comment by Zelda

Poor darlings- hope all the linking (pipes and noses) stops shortly- someone suggested to me when my own leaky nose started up 2 days ago to eat a lemon- yes- the whole thing- I squeezed a whole one into a glass of water- and I have to say I feel better- maybe add some sugar and you might be set!
Hugs and holiday wishes to you all!

Comment by Nic

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