Bad Mama

December 23, 2007, 4:50 pm
Filed under: Parenting, Peanut

If you and your husband have been sick with a gawdawful cold for a week and you are stuck at home on a snowy Sunday afternoon with a fussy two month-old and an overtired princess-obsessed almost-four-year-old, and you haven’t ever shown said older child your actual wedding dress/veil/shoes, I highly recommend you do so. Especially if you pull out your real jewelry to go along with it. Because the absolute ecstasy that awaits is priceless.

She specifically requested I not take pictures, so I don’t have any. But I told her next time all bets are off.


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Hee hee. I can just picture her trying on an adult-sized wedding dress. Perfection! My wedding dress is in Philly, but Mia loves parading around in my bat mitzvah party dress (more frilly than my wedding dress, let me tell you!). Time for a girls dress up party at my house!!

Comment by Jennie

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