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Dark day
December 11, 2007, 10:38 pm
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Squirt has slept for 90 minutes in the last 14 hours.

The rest of the time, she either nursed, which she started doing every hour on the hour at about 5:30 am, or she cried, unless she was being held. And rocked. And talked to or otherwise entertained.

Unless she has one every three days or so, this is not a growth spurt. This is normal.

I started trying to get her to go to sleep about 7 tonight. I rocked her, put on a lullaby CD, nursed her in the dark. She dozed fitfully for a while, then started to fuss. I nursed again, put on the ocean sounds, cuddled her in the dark. She dozed off until I got up to go to the bathroom. I would like to go to the bathroom without the sound of a baby screaming in the background.

She will not go to sleep. She is in her co-sleeper right now, kicking and squirming, after I put her rainforest lights and sounds player on. She had woken up after 15 minutes of sleep when the damn dog started barking at the neighbor’s snow plow in the driveway. But she was restless already then, and probably would have woken up within a few minutes anyway. It’s 10:30 now.
It’s almost as if she knows I am alone with her. I must be doing something different on the days when Peanut is at school and I don’t have a grandmother available to help. Big Daddy is away for the week at work, and with the snowstorm it wasn’t safe to drive Peanut home from her grammy’s, which is right next to her school, so she stayed there. When they are here, she’ll usually sleep a little longer. Not always, but it seems to happen more often then.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just want her to sleep like a normal baby. And if anyone comes on here to comment and says anything like, yeah, my kid was like that too and she didn’t sleep through the night until she was 8! I will hunt you down, I swear. Because I have to believe this will end. Very soon.

And there she goes again.


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((HUGS)) to you. I soooo know where you’re at. I won’t tell you the extent of my son’s sleep issues. I’ll just say it’s a very big reason why he is an only child….

I hope Squirt sleeps very soon. I’m sending all the sleepy vibes I can muster her way!

Comment by Mel

Hey — I was investigating the return policy on mine at about this time. Not so much with the sleeping, but with the screaming/nursing/fussing combo. Which she ONLY did when I was solo-ing in the evenings (my husband works nights), so no one believed me when I complained. She stopped being such a godalmighty pain at about 4 months and became bona fide delightful by 6 months.

Comment by elizasmom

I’lll just say hugs to you- I know it is soooooooo unbelievably hard. Reading your post is good birth control over here-

Comment by Nic

I think you might want meet my friend Melissa over at – her almost 4 month old son has been not sleeping for months and she is having similar issues and concerns. At least you will know you are not alone (and she expressed the anti fantasy of punching him in the face which of course she would never ever do)

Comment by Meredith

Posts like this remind me why I am NEVER doing the newborn thing again. It ends. It ends it ends it ends. Just keep telling yourself that. I didn’t believe it when Boo was two months old either, but it did. And she’s a champion sleeper now, so maybe there’s hope!

Comment by mimiboo

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