Bad Mama

December 31, 2007, 10:06 am
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I am having a love affair with azithromycin.

I am doing much better.

Squirt no longer has a runny nose. However, she has hit a Squirt Spurtâ„¢, meaning the other night she nursed all night long. Literally. She was on the breast the entire night. If I tried to pull away, she woke up and cried, and being sucking like a maniac as soon as I put her back on. She spent the last two days nursing almost constantly as well. Then, last night, worn out by all the work, she only woke up once. I, on the other hand, woke up repeatedly out of habit, and then for good after all my ducts were blocked from disuse. Yay. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she needs to sleep all day.

Also, Peanut is miserable. She is also on antibiotics, which didn’t bother her until last night, when she got very bad diarrhea that is persisting. Near constant diarrhea that is apparently very painful. She cried upon waking this morning for a good half-hour and went through three diapers, despite sitting on the toilet most of that time. She doesn’t want anything to eat or drink, and is huddled under the blanket on the couch watching Noggin. Thank God for Noggin. I would sell my blood in order to keep cable on just for Noggin.

Poor Big Daddy is working from home today, which means he has to listen to the dual crying jags while trying to get work done. He can work upstairs, but it isn’t like the place is soundproof. Grandmothers would help, but the elder daughter wants no one but Mama and, well, so does the younger one.

I also found more leaks in the plumbing, this time where the spout and handle attach to the copper pipes. Of course, because of poor measurements on the part of the previous owners, I will have to cut out some bracing in order to reach various plumbing parts.

And the dog is limping.

Happy New Year!


December 27, 2007, 4:08 pm
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1. I got my period today. WTF? What the hell am I doing breastfeeding this child ten times a day and then getting my damn period? How does that work? I supplemented with Peanut and still didn’t get it until she was seven months old.

2. Apparently, the previous owners of this house were very hairy. This is the only explanation I could think of for why they would install the bathtub plumbing the way they did (trust me, they did it themselves). You see, it must have made it so much easier to clear the hair clogs out of the tub drain WHEN YOU DON’T ACTUALLY CEMENT THE PIPES TOGETHER. They just pushed the PVC pipe pieces together under the tub and left them like that. So over time, they slid apart and caused the dirty water to leak out all over our basement floor. I was able to pull the overflow pipe and the drain pipe loose with one hand. Seriously, now I feel like I need to have every inch of pipe in the damn house inspected.

3. They used random pieces of electrical wire to wire up the master bedroom, so why should I be surprised they didn’t bother to properly plumb the bathtub? Yes, they really took whatever wire they found to wire the bedroom. All different colors, spliced together here and there in the walls. Junction box? What’s that? (No, you can’t just pick up some wire, twist it together, and wrap it with electrical tape. There, now you’re smarter than the previous owners).

4. Yes, they were morons. But then what does it say about us that we bought the house? I blame it on the inspector, but damn, I don’t think he assumed morons that big could manage to own a house. He hadn’t seen this, of course.

5. Now you know why we still haven’t remodeled the kitchen or attic. We have to get the basic systems not leaking or threatening to start on fire or explode.

December 26, 2007, 8:01 am
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I have no pictures and you don’t want my holiday wishes because I am cursed.

Yesterday, we discovered our bathtub was leaking badly whenever we took a shower. Then the garbage disposal clogged. The other side of the kitchen sink was already unusable from when a pipe seal failed a couple of days earlier. Then, the bathroom sink faucet started to leak a steady thin stream of water.

I would say that means I would be spending the next few days on plumbing, but my cold has gotten worse. Last night, after visiting my grandfather on his 94th birthday with my 96 year-old great-aunt, my voice started to leave me and I currently can only manage to croak. My cough got dramatically worse overnight, and I couldn’t stop coughing for 20 minutes at one point.

Peanut still has a terrible cold after nearly two weeks, and now Squirt has a runny nose too. She’s always had a bit of congestion (it’s a symptom of the reflux), but now it’s worse. Big Daddy’s cold is hanging on, but it isn’t as bad as the rest of ours. He eats his vegetables, you see. He is back to work today, but at least his travel is local for the next few days, and he’ll be home at night. Lucky for me, not so lucky I guess for him. I wouldn’t blame him for longing to be sent away for weeks right now.

We did have a wonderful time with family and friends on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I cooked yesterday, but only a crockpot stew. The exhaustion came from cleaning the house before my great-aunt arrived. She may be blind now, but she has a supernatural ability to know that dirt and clutter are there and you are a bad, bad person for it.

I hope the rest of you have had a lovely holiday weekend off. We’re all off to infect the doctor today, if we can get in. Then, figuring out if I can avoid the ninety-dollar trip charge from the plumber.

December 23, 2007, 4:50 pm
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If you and your husband have been sick with a gawdawful cold for a week and you are stuck at home on a snowy Sunday afternoon with a fussy two month-old and an overtired princess-obsessed almost-four-year-old, and you haven’t ever shown said older child your actual wedding dress/veil/shoes, I highly recommend you do so. Especially if you pull out your real jewelry to go along with it. Because the absolute ecstasy that awaits is priceless.

She specifically requested I not take pictures, so I don’t have any. But I told her next time all bets are off.

December 13, 2007, 5:24 am
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When you open a used bottle that’s been sitting on your counter for a while and your first thought is, “Hey, that smells like the baby!”, it’s probably time to give her a bath.

To be fair, it’s winter and with the forced-air heating a daily bath would cause her skin to flake off entirely, but still.

December 12, 2007, 9:03 pm
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Patrice Smith was stressed by a fussy baby on Oct. 2 and had a headache that was growing worse, she told police, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday.

She was trying to keep her cool, she said, trying to keep her baby’s crying from disturbing her sleeping boyfriend and the neighbors at her North Side apartment. Smith, 22, said she just wanted to take some pain reliever for her worsening headache.

But to quiet her baby, she said, she stuffed a pink baby sock into the mouth of 6-month-old Nataria.

It may be dark out there to me right now, but it isn’t that dark.

Dark day
December 11, 2007, 10:38 pm
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Squirt has slept for 90 minutes in the last 14 hours.

The rest of the time, she either nursed, which she started doing every hour on the hour at about 5:30 am, or she cried, unless she was being held. And rocked. And talked to or otherwise entertained.

Unless she has one every three days or so, this is not a growth spurt. This is normal.

I started trying to get her to go to sleep about 7 tonight. I rocked her, put on a lullaby CD, nursed her in the dark. She dozed fitfully for a while, then started to fuss. I nursed again, put on the ocean sounds, cuddled her in the dark. She dozed off until I got up to go to the bathroom. I would like to go to the bathroom without the sound of a baby screaming in the background.

She will not go to sleep. She is in her co-sleeper right now, kicking and squirming, after I put her rainforest lights and sounds player on. She had woken up after 15 minutes of sleep when the damn dog started barking at the neighbor’s snow plow in the driveway. But she was restless already then, and probably would have woken up within a few minutes anyway. It’s 10:30 now.
It’s almost as if she knows I am alone with her. I must be doing something different on the days when Peanut is at school and I don’t have a grandmother available to help. Big Daddy is away for the week at work, and with the snowstorm it wasn’t safe to drive Peanut home from her grammy’s, which is right next to her school, so she stayed there. When they are here, she’ll usually sleep a little longer. Not always, but it seems to happen more often then.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just want her to sleep like a normal baby. And if anyone comes on here to comment and says anything like, yeah, my kid was like that too and she didn’t sleep through the night until she was 8! I will hunt you down, I swear. Because I have to believe this will end. Very soon.

And there she goes again.