Bad Mama

Procreation according to Peanut
November 29, 2007, 9:05 pm
Filed under: Parenting, Peanut

First, the egg comes into the uterus and marries the … Mama, what’s the part that comes from the daddy? <The sperm>

The sperm, the egg marries the sperm. She goes and gets her wedding dress on and they get married. Then, the egg gets a baby in her tummy and it grows in the uterus and that’s where the baby comes from.


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Heh. The Peanut’s version makes as much sense as some of the claptrap being taught in the name of abstinence in schools. I continue to look forward to her pronouncements on the state of the world. That kid is FUH-nee!

Comment by elizasmom

Clearly, she’s going to abandon her career in science (Paleontology) for a career in Fashion Design (emphasis on the wedding dress collection) and it’s all because of the Princess dolls…

Comment by badmamasmama

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