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Dancing Dreams
November 19, 2007, 1:56 pm
Filed under: Disability, Peanut

Rob at Schuyler’s Monster has been posting about inclusion recently, and I was all set to write a post about it when he posted this link today. Now I can’t stop crying. I have never wanted to live in NYC more. If there was a way for me to put the house on the market tomorrow and move so that Peanut could attend this class, I would in a heartbeat. Seriously, if you watch the video here, and you should, you will need tissue. I thought I wouldn’t, and now my shirt is all wet.


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Yeah. That’s Quinn school. She was in the class too. The teacher was wonderful. In the class half of them had disabilities. It was one of the most beautiful performances I’d ever seen. And I was crying big time!

Comment by Julia

I meant *that* wasn’t Quinn’s school, but similar in that it is a special inclusive place where everything is encouraged (and offered) to every child.

Comment by Julia

Oh, man, I’ve got to wipe up the puffy eyes and get ready for work now. Beautiful.

Comment by Mete

It was a gorgeous video. You know, why don’t we try to do it here??

Comment by Jennie

I agree with Jennie, lets start that here, I know plenty of dance teachers, can we can we????. and dang it was not suppose to cry today.

Comment by Dana

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