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October 28, 2007, 5:33 pm
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Pistachio was actually born at 2:55 CDT.  She’s being a freaky/lovely space-monkey/frog.  She differs from Peanut, who was 5 pounds of jack-knife-stiff love when she was born.  Getting a diaper on Pistachio, therefore, has been a problem, with her squirming.  However, she continues to produce down under, over-acheiver that she already is, so we must adapt. 

Peanut thinks Pistachio has a cute nose and cute lips, but wonders when she’s going to go away.

Badmama complains of a bad pain in her right side.  She will be able to describe it to you in her usual excruciating detail when she gets home.  The doctor ruled out a hernia with her ultrasound machine.  The doctor gave her a local anesthetic, and will give her steroids if  she needs it.  Prospect of a roid-rage-fueled Badmama looms.

Unfortunately, the hospital only has dial-up, so you’ll have to wait on a post from Badmama herself until Tuesday at the latest.  She and Pistachio are deep in nipple-related negotiations, and both are waiting anxiously for Badmama’s milk to come in.

Basically, Badmama rocks.  You know it.  I know it.  It’s time to acknowledge it.


Big Daddy


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Oh, wow! I guess I’m a few days late on this one.

CONGRATULATIONS! to all of you. Don’t worry, Peanut will get used to her. Soon enough. Eventually. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling us. 🙂

Comment by Mete

awww..nice post BD- and you rock too- much love to you all- Please tell BM that our peanut’s surgery went off w/out a hitch today and she’s one little cheer-ball of joy now 🙂

Comment by nic

Dear Big Daddy,

Please post a picture…..we need to witness the cuteness.

Comment by Jen

Yes, Big Daddy…must have a photo of the cuteness!

nipple-related negotiations – that made me laugh outload, and it made me wonder about the hits/searches you will get.

Comment by Julia

Oh wait! Yes, Badmama does indeed rock!

Comment by Julia

Good luck to Badmama and Pistachio with the nipple negotiations!

And big congrats to the whole family! Welcome to the outside world Pistachio!

Comment by mel

aw! fabulous!

Comment by betsyl

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