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Pistachio’s Big Day!
October 26, 2007, 7:33 pm
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This is badmama’s mama writing to tell you all that Pistachio arrived today, 26 Oct. at around 3:30 PM. She’s 6 lbs. 12 oz. of adorableness and 19″ long.  She looks just like her ultrasound pictures (and Big Daddy). Badmama is doing fine. Peanut says Pistachio is “tinier” than she expected but seems to be quite enchanted by her little sister. She especially noted Pistachio’s “pruney” fingers and toes…

I expect Badmama will be back online herself as soon as Big Daddy can get the laptop to the hospital.


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Yaaaaaaaay! Congratulations!!!!

Comment by elizasmom

Welcome to the world Pistachio! I’m so glad all went well and safely. Congrats BM & BD on being parents of CHILDREN now! Many hugs and kisses-

Comment by nic

Welcome Pistachio! Congrats mom, dad, and big sister!

Comment by mel

pictures! pictures! pictures!

Comment by Carlos

congratulations to you all.

Comment by michelle

Welcome to the world Pistachio! And congrats on becoming a big sister!

I’m so happy for you Bad Mama’s family! Congratulations to you all!

Comment by Julia

Congratulations! The natal chart is on its way via email.

Comment by Pronoia

Yay!!!! I second pictures!

Comment by Meredith

Pistachio is an amazing sight to behold. The happiness that is on badmama and baddaddy’s faces is something I wish I could bottle. It is utterly beautiful to look upon them. All four of you deserve the best life can offer and quite frankly I think you all have it. I love you.

Comment by Dana

Congrats!!!! everyone! 🙂

Glad all is doing well! Can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

Comment by Ani

A bit late but nonetheless – congratulations! Very happy for all of you (and very glad that Carlos can stop fretting now!)

Best wishes from Armenia!

Comment by claudia

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