Bad Mama

Or maybe a puppy
October 26, 2007, 10:22 am
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A very good friend of mine is expecting a baby in April, and she has a daughter the same age as Peanut. She was telling me how excited M. is about this, insisting on hugging and singing to her belly, and telling everyone, including the pizza delivery man, how she gets to be a big sister.

You know what Peanut’s reaction is? She told me she’d rather have a kitten.

She’s actually been pretty calm about it, while also being fairly certain this was not going to be an altogether positive development. The last week or so we’ve been talking about the possibility of her waking up in the morning and Grammy being here because I went to have the baby, and she’s been especially clingy and really into “I want my Mama!” And I’ve been indulging her, because if I can’t coddle my first baby now, there’s no point in this whole Mom thing.

Last night I went in to check on her about 10:30, and she was still awake. She had her nightlight on and was looking at a book. I ended up bringing her into bed with both Big Daddy and I (he’s been sleeping in the other room for a while, since I sleep so poorly and am up into the bathroom all night). “All three of us snuggling to sleep? Yay!” It took a while for her to wind down and get comfortable, but eventually she did go to sleep. As I listened to her breathing and Big Daddy’s snoring, I thought about how much I loved them both and how I hoped that having another baby was the right decision, and that a kitten really wasn’t a better choice. I mean, I have to help change diapers, but BD does the litterboxes all by himself.


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Can’t wait to get that phone call telling us she is here and both of you are doing well…..

Comment by Jen

Can’t wait to get that phone call telling us she is here and both of you are doing well…..

Comment by Jen

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