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Staying positive
October 17, 2007, 1:19 pm
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It’s a good thing I have the worst cold I’ve had in years. If I didn’t, I would be convincing myself that it’s ok to break the bedrest for just a little bit and go to Tarzhay and spend money I don’t have until my head explodes from the high blood pressure. Instead, I sleep. All the time. Except at 3 am, of course. Then I’m wide-freaking awake.

I keep remembering how fantastic I felt physically after Peanut was born. High blood pressure makes you feel like crap, generally, and when it was gone and I was down 27 pounds in a week (thank you, excess fluid) I felt light as a feather. Like I could run a marathon. I had been on bedrest for 6 weeks then, with Big Daddy out-of-town 5 days a week and no relatives and fewer in-town friends than I have now, so it was like getting out of solitary confinement. I am going to believe that I’ll feel just as good this time around.


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hell just not having to have pain and water and anticipation alone will make the after much better…hang in there
ps now I know who i can call on the way home from the bar at 3 🙂

Comment by Dana

I hope you feel better soon!

Comment by NaeNae

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