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Careful what you wish for
October 9, 2007, 1:03 am
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Did I mention before how I’ve been daydreaming about being on bedrest? No? That’s right, I didn’t because I didn’t actually want that, because it meant that something bad was going on.

Today the doctor asked me to quit working as soon as I could. While my blood pressure is not quite over the official line to “high”, it has risen rather dramatically since the beginning of the pregnancy. Couple that with the development of elephantine legs and sausage fingers and my history of severe pre-eclampsia, and we’d rather be safe than sorry. I am to cut back dramatically or preferably stop working all together and lay around with my feet up for the next several weeks.

The problem is that if I could afford to stop working, I would have by now, believe me.

Obviously, I also can’t afford to get serious complications for me or the baby, so we will figure something out. Hell, the savings from my Einstein’s Bagels lunch habit alone will probably cover the utility bills. And if I have to go on bedrest, it is better to do it before I am actually sick, of course.

I’ll cash in some retirement funds. After all, having two girls is likely to shorten my lifespan anyway.


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Oh- Carrie- I’m so sorry- hugs to you- and thinking good thoughts for you and baby

Comment by Nicole

Oh, that sucks! I hope you’re able to work something out that lets you get the bedrest you and Pistachio need without taking too much of a financial hit. In the meantime, sending both of you happy healthy low-blood-pressure vibes.

Comment by elizasmom

Just wait till you here the news Big Daddy will be sharing with you today about the company our hubbies work for…..when it rains, it pours.

Comment by Jen

Thinking of you.

In fact, I’m tired just thinking about you. But growing a human is hard work. Hang in there.

Comment by Julia

When are you due? Is there any way you can work from home? I got lucky with my company and was able to work from home for 6 weeks of bedrest. I know not everyone is that lucky, but maybe?

Comment by Meredith

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