Bad Mama

September 24, 2007, 11:55 am
Filed under: Parenting, Peanut, Pistachio

If you don’t want to hear pregnant lady bitching, stop reading now.

My heartburn is so bad I am surprised I have any esophogeal tissue left. When I am lying down, Pistachio likes to kick my stomach and shoot the acid up my throat to my mouth. She has also taken to demonstrating her dissatification with the accomodations by using her very sharp little elbows in an apparent attempt to create ventilation holes in my uterus. When that fails, she attempts to force her fist down into my cervix to open an escape hatch.

My lower back is very out-of-whack. This morning, I stepped off the bathmat and slid on the tile, wrenching it even more. There is no position where it doesn’t hurt right now.

I have to get up for the bathroom at least four times a night. I have a hard enough time with insomnia when not pregnant, so I end up staying awake for several hours every night after at least one of these bathroom visits. Everything in my life is suffering because of this: marriage, work, housekeeping, bill-paying, and worst of all, parenting. I am essentially handing over care of Peanut to her grandmothers, and while I am exceedingly grateful I have that option, I do not like having to use it.

Peanut has been choosing random nights to not sleep. Last night, she didn’t fall asleep until 11 pm, and woke up again at 4:30 am, and had to come to bed with me in order to get back to sleep. Which would have been fine, except that she snores. And whaps me in the head with her arm when she’s turning over.

I have my final ultrasound this afternoon. Maybe they’ll tell me she’s all ready to come and this can be over. I have been having to remind myself over and over, I don’t want a baby in NICU. I don’t want a baby in NICU.


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I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a fantastic job. I am really proud of you for getting this far. We know that pregnancy isn’t easy but you are doing terriffic. Just remember – It’s not going to be much longer and this beautiful little girl will be able to join the world and her family that loves her very much. And she will NOT be going to the NICU!!!

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