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September 24, 2007, 9:41 pm
Filed under: Pistachio

I forgot something that was kind of cool from the ultrasound. It turns out Pistachio has so much long hair that you can see it on ultrasound, floating in the amniotic fluid. When I have some energy, I’ll scan in some of the photos from today.

As cool as it is, I’m still having a hard time with the fact that I didn’t get any nice shots of Peanut like that. Just a couple they took to point out what was not right. It’s hitting me a bit harder than I thought it would, all these reminders of what we missed at her birth. I’d hoped that they’d be overshadowed by all the new happy stuff, but it isn’t happening quite like that.

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It’s hard to not have your prior experience reflect upon this one. Actually, I’d say it’s downright impossible. Everything that is happening, happens in a fog of the last experience. It permeates everything. And I’m sure it will continue after Pistachio is born. Don’t be hard on yourself, you’re only human.

No NICU is a very good goal, IMHO. The nurses there are spectacular and oh, so nice, but in all honesty, I’d rather know them from seeing them at the grocery store. 😉


Comment by mel

hugs to you and your little bean- sending sleepy thoughts and waves your WHOLE households’ way!

Comment by Nicole

It never does go quite as we expected it to, does it?

Comment by Camry Jayne

This makes me sad for your prenatal experiences with Peanut — and so happy that in spite of these memories of the time before she was born, she has turned out to be (judging from your posts anyway) such a delightful little kid. I hope that eventually, you ARE able to shake off some of that bad experience and revel in what’s happening soon.

Comment by elizasmom

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