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September 20, 2007, 12:47 am
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How in the world do I think I am going to get through labor with a minimum of medication when the practice contractions wake me up out of a sound sleep, leaving me gasping for breath and unable to move until they are over? How, I ask you, how?


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uh…my hypnobirth friend who is convinced her labor will only last 2 hours more once she reaches 5 cm says it’s all in the power of positive thinking. I’m positive that a nice little cocktail of stadol and phenegren would help 🙂

Comment by Nicole

you know coupled with your last post, the cleaning and the contractions that wake you up…oh man…do you have your bag and a plan ready…am i driving if tad is gone???

Comment by Dana

How to deal with the real thing? You ask for an epidural once you reach 5-6 cm. That is the point at which it hurts, it really hurts, but it is manageable. I know so many people don’t like the idea of an epidural, but I still felt my urges to push, I still felt pressure, but I wasn’t hurting so bad that I wanted to avoid pregnancy in the future!

Comment by Jen

That is why my friend you pray that this child stays put until Nov 5th!! 🙂 C-Section baby!!! C-Section!!!

Comment by Marty

I don’t know how to answer your questions, other than I know you can do it, if you want to. I loved my TENS machine for the 14 hours or so I used it and it took the edge off. And the pushing — it was hard, and it hurt, but there was an exhilaration I can’t explain. All I know is that I have no tolerance for pain (ask Matt) but this I knew I could do. And guess what, if it hurts too much, call for the anesthesiologist. They’re miracle workers! When you get there, you’ll know what you can handle and what you can’t.

Comment by Jennie

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