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The time, it is nigh
September 18, 2007, 4:55 pm
Filed under: Home Sweet Home, Pistachio

I know this because today, despite feeling particularly crappy due to a lingering stomach bug and my bad back, I got a burst of energy. And what constructive thing did I do with it? I wiped down every crevice I could possibly reach on the stove and around the edge of the dishwasher. Every little grease spot in every vent that I could possibly reach. If I had had an old toothbrush, I would have been using it.

I had this exact obsession just before before Peanut was born (so about 4 weeks before her due date). Despite being on bedrest due to high blood pressure and creeping pre-eclampsia, I did take a toothbrush to the grungy stove in our old apartment. I did my best to do so while sitting on the floor, leaning to my left.

I’ve officially hit the crazy stage of the third trimester.


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Ah, yes…. The nesting time.

Rest well for now! Belly rubs to you!


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