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To my new neighbor
August 31, 2007, 2:03 am
Filed under: Home Sweet Home, Madison

While I understand that not everyone works regular 9-5 hours, do you really think that 2:45 am is an acceptable time to move furniture? Seriously? On a weeknight? I thought Wednesday night at 10 pm was pushing it, especially when you were doing so with a group of somewhat loud friends, but I know one can’t always control when the truck comes available. However, tonight you were using an SUV for some chairs, and I can’t believe that they couldn’t wait until a time that did not make me wonder if I had some giant raccoons trying to break into my house. See, I’d like to think you noticed that the driveway you are in? It is right up against my house. See? No lawn there. You live right in the middle of the city now, and that means there isn’t a vast acreage separating your noise from my bedroom. And since I am the one that bought the house in the middle of a very urban residential neighborhood, I am well aware I have to put up with more noise than if I was in suburbia. I’m cool with that. It’s just that I expect it from the jackasses who drive down the street, not the ones who live next door.

I guess it is going to suck for you that my dog likes to go out early in the morning. And she’s part beagle, with that delightful baying bark. You know, usually we try not to let her out early, and to bring her in if she decides to go apeshit after a squirrel, because we want to be good neighbors. However, I’m kind of a softy when it comes to my pets, and, well, when I’m tired because I’ve been awakened by noise night after night, it’s a lot harder for me to ignore her whines or to go and chase her down in the backyard to keep her from barking like mad. So sorry. Hope you enjoy your new apartment.


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Is it student life moving in next door? Eek!

I hope it was a one time fluke with them moving at that time and that they turn out to be really nice neighbors.

Comment by mel

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