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Delivery date
August 24, 2007, 12:13 pm
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I am at work but my brain is absolutely fried so I am going to write a blog post for a few minutes.

My due date is November 4. Since I cannot be induced because of my previous C-section, I either have to go into labor on my own or have another C-section.

I need to know that there is an end to this pregnancy (though since I started taking extra magnesium, the contractions have much improved). So my doctor said I can go ahead and schedule surgery sometime around the due date, which is on a Sunday. If I go into labor before that, great. If I’m dilated and halfway there on the surgery date, I can cancel it. But if I’m not showing signs of delivering, then I still know that it will be over and I will have my kid.

So what day do I pick? The Friday before, or the Monday after? Anybody know astrology? Any other advice?

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::raises hand::

I do not know about astrology, but if you arrange to have a plastic surgeon close you up, you will not have that little stop-gap flesh cliffhanger from the c-section. I know, vanity, it’s a sin, blahblahblah.

good luck!

Comment by michelle scheidel

Advice here…

Schedule at the beginning of the week…the care is better during the week, than the weekend. The nurses tend to be the same during the week (and most full time) and there are a lot of part timers on the weekends.

We (at least when we have a choice) schedule surgeries for M-Tu-Wed if we know we’re doing to be out in two-three days.

Just our experience. No offense to weekend nurses…

Comment by Julia

Personally, I think I would choose a surgery date sooner than later. With both of my pregnancies, I was very anxious for their arrivals. I don’t know very much about astrology. Sorry!

Comment by NaeNae

I would check with your doctor to see how early you actually can deliver. I would say once the lungs are developed go for it. I know that if we ever decide to have another child I have absolutely no desire to see what labor feels like. I had Alex on a Tuesday and my care was wonderful. Whatever you decide will be the right decision for your family. I have total faith that you will make it very close to your due date and will have a beautiful baby at delivery.

Comment by Marty

Astrologically, Monday will make for an easier event and what appears to be a less conflicted life for the Pistachio.

Caveat–I’m not great at the charts yet, but combine my impression with the idea that the staff is more rested and responsive earlier in the week, and it seems Monday is a Good Idea.

But here’s hoping it’s not an issue either way!

Comment by Pronoia

I had mine on a friday and it went well and i got great care over the weekend and i had two more days to recover without taking time off for it…

Comment by Dana

I don’t know if it’s a consideration, but it’s a noon game on Sunday.

Comment by Carlos

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