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August 17, 2007, 8:16 pm
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I was in OB triage earlier this week, for pain and contractions that lasted a bit too long. I was fine. So was Pistachio. In fact, she was so fine, the nurse said she was the most active baby she’d ever seen at her gestational age. She and the doctor continued on talking about the “bizarrely active baby” I was carrying. And when she was hooking me up to the monitors, she said, “Hey, you’d rather have a baby that was too active than one that was not active enough, right?”


Actually, Big Daddy and I both did laugh and say, essentially, been there, done that.  And frankly, we know how to deal with a kid who can’t climb the furniture. It is actually a little scary for us to imagine one that can. But I suppose that we adapted to Peanut, so we’ll adapt to Pistachio, even if it means signing her up for gymnastics the day we bring her home.


Speaking of Peanut, I may have to give her a new nickname, like String Bean.  She’s grown somewhere between 2 and 3 inches since May. She’s taking as many as 8 steps independently. She’s potty-trained when she feels like it (some days, she just doesn’t want to bother with running to the toilet all the time). She’s starting pre-school in a few weeks. And she’s learned to argue.

I don’t mean the standard , “No, I don’t wanna!” that we’re all used to. I mean, she has, within the last two weeks or so, started giving logical arguments as to why she should or shouldn’t be able to do things. I’m sorry I don’t have any examples, I think I’m too stunned when it happens to think too hard about it. But trust me, it’s like I suddenly have Stephen Douglas* living in my house. I was unprepared for this, to say the least. Generally, my main argument is that people who still poop in their pants don’t get to decide, but I am going to have to come up with something better soon.

We have, however, solved a problem that was beginning to get a bit out of hand. Peanut had decided that she was scared of the dark and that her room was too scary and filled with monsters and ghosts and goblins. This was resulting in refusal to sleep anywhere but Mama’s bed, with Mama in it (not watching Ugly Betty reruns in the living room). Discussions of how Big Blue Whale would protect her went nowhere.  “But Mom, I have trouble sleeping!”

Then, inspiration struck: Back when she was having trouble sleeping in her cast, I got a little bottle of aromatherapy oil for babies. It is small, scented with lavender, and has a roller top meant to roll the scent on to a kid’s temples. She wanted nothing to do with it then. But I brought it out last week and told her it was monster repellent. You see monsters, ghosts, goblins, green-faced witches**, and other assorted creatures of the night do not like the scent, and will run away from it, thinking it is stinky. She was overjoyed, and immediately wanted some on, so I dabbed a little on her wrists and her temples. “Ick, it’s stinky!” Well, I don’t like lavender either, but it works. So far, she has happily gone to sleep in her own bed, safe from lurking ghouls.

She is growing up so quickly, all of a sudden.

*Without the racism, but just a little shorter.

**As opposed to real, regular witches, who look just like us and sometimes have kids and are regular people who just believe different things about where the world comes from. It’s the same as the difference between real scientists, like her Uncle Ben, and “mad scientists”, who are admittedly pretty scary. Yes, she should probably watch less TV.

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I love the repellent idea! Too cute! And contractions already? When are you due?

Comment by NaeNae

I’m not so sure she really IS shorter than Stephen Douglas…
and let’s not forget the breakfast discussion:
Grammy: Peanut, what would you like for breakfast?
Peanut: Something different.
Grammy: Like what?
Peanut: If I know, it’s not different!

Comment by Mom

Tell that little baby to stop giving you so much trouble, unless of course, you enjoy rushing to the ER triage for contractions……

We used a pretend monster repellent as well, but it only worked for about 1-2 weeks. Abby is finally sleeping through the night, in her own bed, and not giving me any trouble going to sleep at night. The kids must have done some kind of tag-team hand slap in hallway one night though, because now it is Izzy that is waking up in the middle of the night and coming into our room. I won’t let her in my bed, so she keeps falling asleep at the foot of our bed, snuggling up in the comforter we have kicked off the bed.

Comment by Jen

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