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Should have thought of that
July 31, 2007, 6:25 am
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It’s probably not a good idea to stay at home alone in a creaky old house the night after you find out that someone you know through work was subdued and brutally raped while walking in her door the previous night.

I’m probably a little jumpy as well because I was in OB triage all evening, checking out these infernal contractions, when someone, and I’m not saying who, decided it would be fun to play with her umbilical cord, turning what should have been an hour-long-tops check into a three-hour sojourn after her heart tones took a brief dip. Then she wouldn’t hold still enough to have a heart tracing done. We decided eventually that hyperactivity = baby with plenty of blood supply and cut short an evening of fine company and ultrasound jelly. Excess contractions due to a minor stomach bug.

At least somebody had fun.


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I’m sorry about the hair-raising evening. But it least you can add it to the list of things to bring up when she misbehaves as a teenager.

Comment by elizasmom

Wow! You had an eventful evening! Not to mention the scary incident of a friend to ponder over. I hope she is okay.

Comment by NaeNae

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