Bad Mama

O, how I love thee
June 16, 2007, 8:21 am
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Oh, @mbien, how I love thee. Even though your hallucinations made me relive my college years and gave my husband a voice-mail message he can use against me in family court, you let me SLEEP.  True, I still wake up to use the bathroom, but after I go I can GO BACK TO SLEEP instead of tossing and turning and rereading blogs for three hours. I still can’t sleep more than 7 hours total, but that’s 7 in a row.

But curse you for being pregnancy category C. Because that means I can only use you through this weekend, lest you cause my unborn child to sprout another head. Considering I was starting to envy a certain hotel heiress her medicated forced vacation (all she has to do is sleep!), I guess that’s what they mean when they talk about benefits overriding the risks and all that.

Oh, and because I apparently forgot to mention it before, the Level II and yes, gender determination, ultrasound is Monday afternoon. We are taking a giant leap of faith and bringing Peanut along. I consider her my good-luck charm, after all.


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ahhhh ambien- the love goes greater then any boy band…the only good night’s sleep I had the month before Maddie was born was the night I was induced due to an ambien and a turkey sandwich given to me by the lovely nurse…..sigh…..

Comment by nic

I fear trying a sleep aid, because I may not ever stop taking it……I miss a good night’s sleep.

Comment by Jen

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