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June 14, 2007, 3:27 pm
Filed under: Boo boo, Peanut

This afternoon, the doctor okay’d Peanut to bear weight again on her right hip, as he said it had healed perfectly. Yay! That was expected. What is unexpected is that she is back walking again already.

This is huge. Kids who don’t have arthrogryposis often have trouble after surgery, and can’t get up and around for several weeks. It took Peanut years to build up enough muscle to walk at all, so to have her back up after six weeks of not using those muscles is close to unbelievable.  And gratifying. Just try to wipe the butt of a kid who just got off the potty when you can’t put them down on their feet, and you’ll understand the true extent of my joy.


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Well, that’s awesome news! Yay for mobility!

Comment by Mete

That is great. I’m happy to hear it went so well.

Comment by Andrea

Yay for Peanut and double yay for you!

Comment by Julia

She was determined to walk again…..we are so happy for her and you.

Comment by Jen

Woo-hoo! Go Peanut Go!

Comment by nic

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