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It’s about balance
May 30, 2007, 7:56 pm
Filed under: Peanut

The Good: Peanut gets her cast off tomorrow! Yay! We’ll finally all get some sleep!

The Bad: After we drop Peanut off at Grandma’s, Big Daddy will come back home and meet the vet, who will be putting our sweet old cat, Bridget, to sleep. I will not be there, because I have truly reached my limit when it comes to the stress I can handle right now.

She has been a good cat, and we’ll miss her. Particularly Peanut, because Bridget is the only one that will tolerate her “petting” and will sit next to her for any length of time.  It sucks.


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That sucks. So sorry to hear it. Glad the cast is coming off, though.

Comment by Amy

oh, hon. i’m sorry. i haven’t lost a pet in years, and i am not looking forward to when it next happens. i cried for hours when my last guinea pig died.

(on the other hand, yay cast coming off!)

Comment by betsyl

hugs to you on this bitter and sweet day….

Comment by nic

Wow, I am sure it seems like forever to you, but it seems the cast is coming off so much quicker than last time.

Sorry to hear about Bridget…..

Comment by Jen

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