Bad Mama

May 9, 2007, 5:35 am
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She’s been up pretty much most of the night because she cannot keep anything down, not even a sip of water. Big Daddy called the resident-on-call around 5 am, who pretty much blew him off and said if she was still throwing up later in the morning we could call the clinic during their regular hours.

This was not an acceptable answer.

After she had puked twice more in 45 minutes after having literally two sips of fluid, I called back, and politely but firmly requested a prescription for a suppository. It was granted. I’m not quite sure why exactly it was we were supposed to wait until she was actually dehydrated before getting something to prevent dehydration. I am waiting for it to be filled right now. If he had refused again I would have called her pediatrician, who I think would have granted it, and *then* called the clinic, making absolutely sure her doctor knew about the resident’s response.

She is so weak and pale. She’s also been running a low-grade fever. We’re supposed to wait until it’s been 24 hours with a temp above 100.5 before we report that. She has never been so sick after returning home after surgery before.

I’m supposed to go back to work this afternoon. I am out of all paid time off. I am hoping the new meds will work well enough that I can leave without feeling quite so guilty about both leaving her when all she wants is Mama, and leaving Big Daddy, when he is exhausted and running second-best to Mama.


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So very sorry, I hope she turns a corner this morning and stops vomiting. Maybe she is just having a bad reaction to some of the pain meds.

Comment by Jen

Oh, poor kiddo. And lousy resident. I hope she gets some relief. Good thoughts to all of you that everyone feels better soon.

Comment by elizasmom

Oh no, that is stressful. I think one of the worst parts is feeling so helpless to what they have to go through – they just have to in order to be better.

Hang in there momma!

Comment by Julia

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