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And we’re back
May 8, 2007, 4:51 pm
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We’re home. She threw up in the car on the way here after having the first real fluids she’s had all day. She is cranky and doesn’t want to eat and she’s sleepy and in some pain. The meds make her just fuzzy enough that she can’t enunciate very well and communicate what she wants, which just adds to the frustration, but she needs them or it hurts to move her to change her diaper. And I am not even going to get into how we could have left FOUR HOURS earlier except that there was some problem with getting the second car seat that no one seemed able to solve or even talk to me about for FOUR HOURS.

If we hadn’t already decided that this is the last hip surgery no matter how it turns out, it would be decided today. I do not recommend your child having hip dysplasia.

The one good thing was how the admissions woman came in to check something with me while she was asleep with “Battie” on her chest. It totally freaked the woman out. “She fell asleep with that… on her chest? Really?”

I mean, seriously, he’s not that bad, is he?


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Ah, hospitals… -_- Glad to hear you’re home now.

And c’mon, that bat’s just CUTE!

Comment by Clover

That *is* a cute bat–and I’m not a bat fan, ordinarily.

Home is such a good place to be after a hospital stay. Enjoy your own blankets and TV remote and bathroom and whatever else gets you guys through the next few days.

Comment by Penny

My sons are crazy about bats and they are absolutely envious of this wonderful bat. They want me to go and buy them one, now.

Glad everything went all right. We’re sending get-well vibes and good thoughts in your direction!

Comment by claudia

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