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May 6, 2007, 8:03 pm
Filed under: Disability, Peanut

I think this surgery is a little harder for us because the need for it isn’t as clear-cut as previous ones were. She’s having it to save her from possibly needing a hip replacement 30 or 40 years down the road, not because she is in pain now or dislocating her hip all the time. The doctor said that if she is going to have it done at all, it needs to be before she is 4 years old, and since we don’t want her to be in a cast for starting preschool and while I’m 8 months pregnant, now is the time.

We’ve done a lot of talking about it. She remembers her last operation, which wasn’t that unpleasant, so she isn’t really scared about it. She is scared of the cast, though, and doesn’t want it because it means she won’t be able to walk. I’m right there with you, Kid.  I showed her pictures of her in the spica the last time, and she pointed out every one in which she was smiling, as if that surprised her. Of course, she hadn’t been walking before she was in the last one, so she didn’t have as much to miss.

She’s mostly excited because it means she gets new toys. If I actually admitted what I got her, I’d have to take the feminist blogs off my blogroll from the shame. Don’t worry, it’s not a Bratz doll. Let’s just say she’s really been into princesses lately.

I can’t make this witty or clever or even at all interesting. I am too nervous. I hate this. I know it could be worse but I don’t care, it’s bad enough. 

Surgery is at 7:30. It will take a few hours. I’ll post as soon as I can afterwards. Thanks for the good wishes. And for those of you who weren’t around for the last time and want some ideas about what we’re dealing with, you can click on this site and read up about spica casts.


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