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I blame her father
May 1, 2007, 10:39 pm
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There has been some sad doings involving friends of Bad Mama around here as of late. So I decided that I needed to post some happy/funny things. 

This morning when I went in to say good morning to Peanut after my shower, she was lying in bed with her daddy, and promptly demanded breakfast in bed. When denied, she started to cry. Realizing her daddy had probably put her up to this and feeling like an ogre, I ended up complying. It is amazing how quickly the tears dried up when she got her way. Next, she asked for apple juice, which she normally gets in a juice box.  Since she’s been having some, um, movement problems down there lately, I requested that Big Daddy only give her half the juice in a cup.

Picture the small (but officially 3rd percentile!) little girl in her big-girl twin bed, hair in a ponytail and wearing pink PJs while playing with a sticker book. BD enters and says, “Here’s your juice”. With no more than a brief sideways glance at Jeeves, she lifts her left arm, literally sweeps the cup he is still holding away, and announces, as matter-of-factly as Anna Wintour might dismiss stirrup pants, “In a box.” And then goes back to her stickers. Trust me when I say this did not bode well for her behavior the rest of the day.

Also, she took three unassisted steps by herself in PT today. She pronounced it scary, but no big deal. The secret is to get down at eye level with her, remind her to balance, and then she’ll walk.  As of next week, who knows how long it will take to get her back to this place, but we’re going to enjoy it right now. And I guess the one thing DuPont was right about was how fast she’d do it after she got the proper AFOs.


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This requires a two part comment:

First – awesome on the walking unassisted, I know it is going to be so hard on her to have to start again in a few months. She knows she can do it though.

Second – I remember when Abby went through this stage, where she actually believed we were there to serve her. I remember Vince stating that he was going to just wake her up each morning, give her a quick swat on the ass, and then we can start our day. That way we just get the power struggle over each day before it ruins everything. Of course, him being her daddy, and her being his favorite thing in the entire world, that never happened and never well.

Comment by Jen

Go Peanut go!

Comment by Nicole

Your kid is funny, yo!

And go Peanut with the walking!

Comment by elizasmom

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