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Status Report
March 20, 2007, 12:46 am
Filed under: Pistachio

Heart rate: 151 bpm

Due date from measurements: 11/4/2007 (7w1d today)

Weight gained: 2lbs

Blood glucose: Within normal limits in the past 90 days

Almost unrelenting nausea that refuses to be relieved through actual vomiting: Present

Insomnia: Check time stamp of this post


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I am so sorry about the constant hurliness! I guess the good heartrate is small comfort when you’re puking your guts out, huh? I hope you are days, if not hours away from the end of your misery in that regard.

Comment by elizasmom

I remember that someone once told me that the more you vomit during pregnancy, the healthier the baby. Since I puked my guts up for 6 months with Abby and for about 4 months with Izzy, I was glad that it was for SOME sort of good.

I always thought that was one of the oddest things anyone has ever told me. Seriously, how could puking for 5 months be a sign of anything healthy?

I am quite sure they were confusing the symptoms of nausea are a sign that your hormones are pumping, which is a good sign during early pregnancy. But anyways, as you hurl into that toilet, just think of how healthy that baby is going to be.

Comment by Jen

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