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Is this week over yet?
March 8, 2007, 8:27 pm
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The decision is that Peanut will have another, more elaborate hip surgery, probably in April.

It is especially hard because this isn’t really to help her in the short term. It’s not affecting her walking now.  Rather, it is to help her walking in the long term, and reduce the chances that she’ll need a hip replacement as an adult. The earlier it is done, the better the growth in the hip joint. And we don’t want her in a body cast in the summer, nor will I be able to handle her in the fall while I’m 8 months pregnant.  But it means we are taking a happy, healthy little girl and putting her through major surgery with a long recovery. It’s easier when the reward is a little more obvious right away.

She’ll be in a body cast again, though he is hoping that this time it will only be for a month rather than 6-8 weeks.

I really, really was looking forward to using my vacation time for an actual vacation this year.


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I am soooo very sorry to hear this news. Let me know if you need some help, of any kind.

Comment by Jen

Oh, man, I’m so sorry. I know what you mean about the vacation time though. Somedays I wish I appreciated vacations when I had them. Now they’re something we squeeze in between doctor visits.

Good luck.

Comment by Mete

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