Bad Mama

March 2, 2007, 7:56 pm
Filed under: Disability, Peanut

First, I need to get this out of the way: I love living in Wisconsin, it will always be my first choice for home. But enough with the snow. Seriously, enough. Let’s try spreading it out all winter next year, m’kay?

Today was not a great day. While changing Peanut this morning, somehow Big Daddy pulled her right leg in such a way that her hip dislocated. This is the hip we’ve been worried about, the one that took us to Delaware for a second opinion on whether surgery was going to be required to keep it in place. She quit crying after a couple of minutes, but there was a big lump at the top of her thigh and it hurt her to sit up. Big Daddy called me at work nearly in hysterics (understandably), and I told him to call the ambulance. I met him at home just before they arrived (I work about 5 blocks from home), and she was perfectly happy, laying on her changing pad in front of the TV. 

Soon after we arrived at the hospital, the hip moved back into place, and she was sitting up reading a Diego book. X-rays showed that the hip was in the same place it was when she’d had them the last time. So we have to follow up with her surgeon on Thursday (he was in surgery all day today, so he couldn’t come down and see her while we were there). We gave her a little ibuprofen because she said it was a little sore, but that’s it. I am just very afraid that this is going to change everyone’s mind regarding her need for surgery. 

Coincidently, I just this morning received the summary report from the Delaware visit. I am not entirely satisfied with it; I am hoping that the phone discussion between the two doctors will answer some questions I still have. They did describe her as a pleasant and delightful child, so I know they are obviously intelligent.

Just one of those days, I guess. At least she’s fine now, and nobody pulled Big Daddy aside to have a “talk” about just how hard he pulled her leg.


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Oh, what a horrible experience for all of you. Bad as it was, it seems like it may be giving you more information to take to Peanut’s doctors, but I really hope that extra info doesn’t mean surgery. Hope everyone feels better soon!

Comment by elizasmom

Wow! I don’t know what would panic me more – having accidentally dislocated my child’s hip even when they are happy and watching Diego or fear of the “CPS” talk. I am so glad everyone is ok!!

Hey – please email me the password if you get a chance. Please please please!

Comment by Meredith

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