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I’m Still Here
February 22, 2007, 10:08 am
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I have been working a lot, Big Daddy has been gone a lot, and Peanut has not been going to bed until very late.  Plus there was sickness in there. Hopefully this is the last weekend of insanity.

Peanut is getting evaluated by the school district for transitioning from the Early Intervention services to the ones provided by the school district.  Today was the day they did the cognitive testing.

Tester: When we eat in the morning, we eat …

Peanut: Breakfast!

Tester: When we eat at night, we eat…

Peanut: Popcorn!

Other than that, she passed with flying colors.

Edited to add: I was wondering why this wasn’t coming up on the feedreader. It’s because I apparently saved it as a draft when I thought I published it. You see? It’s not you, it’s me.


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I have missed the Peanut bon mots. Thank you for the fix! And really, who hasn’t had popcorn for dinner at one point or another, maybe with some gummi bears for dessert. Oh. Just me? Well, never mind then.

Comment by elizasmom

I, for one, have had popcorn for a meal. So has my kid. It’s a vegetable, right? 😉

Comment by Mel

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